Imagine an organism brought to life, mirroring the graceful dance of blood through veins, breathing life into liquid and light.

LOCATION : Frankfrut
DATE: 2017
TYPE: Art Installation

In the enchanting world of “ONE BEAT,” the boundaries of nature’s beauty intertwine with artistry, giving rise to a mesmerizing installation that captures the essence of life’s rhythmic flow. Inspired by the captivating intricacies of our blood circulation, this ethereal creation unveils the aesthetic marvels hidden within our very beings.


The underlying framework of the pipe structure is made of highly stable yet lightweight and nearly invisible wood. It was crucial that the underlying framework remained unseen to avoid distracting the viewer’s attention and to create the impression of a self-supporting structure.


This captivating symphony of fluidity and luminance is made possible by a single pump at its heart, orchestrating the celestial ballet of liquid through an intricate network of vessels. As if moved by unseen forces, the liquid glides with varying speeds, each parameter gently guiding the essence of existence along its path.

With every pulse, ONE BEAT weaves a captivating tale of interconnectedness, reminding us of the profound unity that binds us all. Like an ode to the cosmos, it beckons us to contemplate the limitless wonders of nature’s design. In this surreal realm, we become participants, not mere spectators, as we witness the eternal dance of life’s grand opus.

As we immerse ourselves in the fluid embrace of ONE BEAT, we find ourselves transported beyond the confines of our reality. It is here that we rediscover the hidden harmonies resonating within our souls, as the ethereal cadence intertwines with our very essence. In this evanescent moment, we become one with the cosmic rhythm, forever connected by the enduring pulse of ONE BEAT.