A knot is a point in the space that connects two or more dimensions. Bob is a knot that connects two dimensions but through its flexible materials, it can also build up a third dimension.

LOCATION : Frankfrut
DATE: 2015
TYPE OF PROJECT: Industrial Design

Bob represents a knot in the fabric of space, forging a connection between two distinct dimensions. However, its inherent flexibility grants it the unique ability to transcend boundaries and construct a third dimension through its pliable materials.


The production process and material selection have been meticulously executed to uphold a simplistic yet organically inspired form. Bob is meticulously casted in silicon, skillfully embedding the magnets within the mold, rendering them discreet and concealed.

Exhibiting a captivating and engaging design, Bob beckons users to interact and explore its potential. The strategic placement of magnets at the extremities of the knot enables seamless interconnection of Bob’s individual pieces. The true essence of this design lies in the boundless scope for creating an array of combinations and structures, fostering a realm of limitless creativity.


By elevating the discourse to a more professional tone, the intricate nature of Bob’s design is emphasized, along with its capacity to inspire and empower users in their creative endeavors. The refined craftsmanship and thoughtful material choices underscore the meticulous attention to detail that has gone into the creation of Bob, ensuring a truly immersive and enriching experience for individuals engaging with its playful yet sophisticated design.